How to Use Your Own Domain

Looking to link your own domain to one of your servers with us? Well, you're in luck! Most hosting companies don't want you to know this but, you don't need a dedicated IP to link your domain to your server! All you need is an "SRV Recordnot an "A Record".


Some domain providers have a different DNS manager, however they all one way or the other work the same. Below you will find the steps to take in order to link your domain!



1) Login to your domain provider (i.e Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.)


2) View your DNS manager


3) Create an "SRV Recordand fill in the following details:


Name/Hostplay (skip if using Namecheap)


Protocol: _tcp (if using Namecheap do "")



PortYour server port (i.e 25565)

Target: Node Identifier Domain (i.e "")

TTLAuto or 30 Min


Once you have entered in all of those details properly your domain should now be linked to your server! In this case, we did the example for the domain "".

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